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Gujarati Samaj Committee Members

Executive Committee - Promotions Committee - Funeral Committee - Constitution Committee - Youth Committee - Web Committee

Please feel free to contact any member of the committee.

Jitendra Gandhi (2016-2021) Tel: 514-683-2318
Shirish Suchak (2016-2021) Tel: 514-933-4066
Kantilal Shah (2016-2021) Tel: 514-421-6553
Dilip Shah (2016-2021) Tel: 514-421-1872
Natubhai Patel (2016-2021) Tel: 514-421-1678
Pulkit Kantawala (2016-2021) Tel: 514-784-0130
Nemish Mehta President Tel: 514-836-3880
Manish Mehta Vice President Tel: 514-944-8737
Kalpesh Manek General Secretary Tel: 514-757-2635
Raju Shah Treasurer Tel: 514-347-9707
Janak Satasiya Marketing Tel: 514-813-3850
Bharatiben Amin Cultural Activities Tel: 514-620-1236
Rajesh Shah Public Relations Tel: 514-815-4297
Anil Gandhi Public Relations Tel: 514-716-0310
Vishal Dhaduk Information Technology Tel: 514-234-3481

With the Samaj trying to bring a wider selection of activities to the forefront, we also see it as our function to help promote local businesses to the community. Advertising opportunities are being developed to help businesses bring their services to the forefront within the community and attract services from mainstream providers to the group. All proceeds collected will be put towards the Samaj activities for the year - for example - subsidizing various celebrations, discounts to members at most events, newsletters and Diwali Ank publications and ongoing activities throughout the year.

Anyone interested in learning more about the promotional opportunities or joining in with these activities, can contact below executive committee members.

Nemish Mehta
Tel: 514-836-3880
Manish Mehta
Tel: 514-944-8737
Rajesh Shah
Tel: 514-815-4297

The Funeral Committee was set up many years ago to assist families at the difficult time of losing a dear one. This sub-committee continues today as an invaluable service to the community. The kindness and compassion shown by this committee is an inspiration to us all.

This year's funeral committee is comprised of:

Narottam Pattni
Tel: 514-630-9702
Lalit Vora
Tel: 514-631-1393
Kantilal Lad
Tel: 514-630-7834
Raoji Patel
Tel: 514-620-5601

A new Constitution Committee has been set up to review and amend the current Constitution as required. The Constitution has been posted on the Samaj's website. Any member requiring a hard copy should contact the President of the Samaj. All members are requested to review this important document and provide feedback in WRITING to the following Constitution Committee members:

Ashok Chauhan
Tel: 514-626-4145
Shirish Shah
Tel: 514-684-6264
Avinish Rughani
Tel: 514-694-1676

We have entered the 21st century and in keeping with the times, our Samaj has to keep pace with the technological revolution sweeping our daily lives. Our membership is evolving and now includes a greater proportion of individuals who use the computer for work and/or leisure.

One of the priorities of the new executive committee is to give a face-lift to the existing web site to make it more suitable to the present needs of the Samaj and also to provide ongoing information about the Samaj's current and future activities. This web site will be a reflection of the diversity, vibrancy and talents of our Samaj members. It will serve as a portal for Samaj members to share their knowledge, exchange useful information and create public awareness regarding issues that are affecting or will affect the Gujarati community in Montreal.

Please remember that this web site will be our chance to showcase our thoughts, talents and knowledge beyond our Gujarati community. If you have the expertise and knowledge regarding web site development, programming, or coding and can contribute your services for our Samaj, please send an email to

Vishal Dhaduk